Android Dominance Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics

by Michael Martin on August 3, 2010 · 4 comments

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android world domination

Recent data from Nielsen show Android outselling the iPhone, including through the iPhone 4 launch, while Canalys has it pegged already as the largest smart phone platform in the United States.

As an Android advocate I could easily run with this & go to the extreme as Alberto Vildosola at DroidDog ponders if Android has already won the mobile war – I don’t.

While supporters of Apple & the iPhone counter that all iOS devices should be included, its 1 vs 20 smart phones, 1 vs 4 US mobile providers, or simply taking pride that Apple makes the most profit.

This all echoes of Mark Twain‘s refrainLies, Damned Lies & Statistics” when statistics are used to bolster ones arguments and the tendency of people in turn to disparage those statistics that do not support their positions.

I question if Android is conclusively the largest smart phone platform in the US already as I would lean toward the Nielsen data showing Android at half the total US market share of the iPhone, which AndroidGuys pointed out that Apple used themselves in June showing Q1 data that Android was less than 1/3.

My personal opinion is similar to what Tim Bray had expressed just before these recent statistics were released.

I aligned myself to Android before there was even a device as I realized Google‘s strategy early on with it being a counter weight to the iPhone & opening the mobile web not just to the high end market but to a wider spectrum.

Google is the only one that could pull this off as they will recoup many times the cost in mobile web advertising by providing it free & exposing it to more and more people which also aligns with my & Internet marketers interests.

Thats why early on in 2009 I spoke on Android at what’s widely considered the best Internet Marketing conference, SMX Advanced, where people had the same dismissive & amused sense as if I said today that Google Buzz will overtake Twitter in a couple years (incidentally I am not a fan of all things Google, including Buzz).

I think I speak for most Android advocates in that it doesn’t matter if one Android device ever outsells the one iPhone per year and surely could care less if Apple makes more profit per device.

Its the platform itself that we care about flourishing from the high end to low end – not the devices themselves & certainly not the company, especially its bottom line.

The bottom line that can be agreed to across the board is that Android is continually trending up while the iPhone itself will remain a top device & that this competition favors ALL smart phone users.

Android may come to be the dominant mobile platform in the US this year & eventually the world, we are still in the early innings before anyone can call the mobile ballgame over.

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