Android is a Double Rainbow All the Way After Antennagate

by Michael Martin on July 19, 2010 · 2 comments

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android double rainbow

After the Antennagate storm Android comes out of the sky as a double complete rainbow all the way…but, what does this MEAN?

The iPhone 4 itself is a great device as well the iOS which runs on it, regardless of the poor attenuation spot placement with the external antenna decision.

The iPhone as well all iOS products come from one company, Apple, while there is a rainbow of sorts in the many manufacturers producing Android devices.

The greatest incumbent to seeing this rainbow for many was that the iPhone shone so brightly, as if from heaven, with its perception being the most perfect smartphone.

I feel its this perception of the iPhone being perfect along with continual refrains from Apple that its magical & revolutionary which principally led to Antennagate.

All Antennagate did was dim down this brightness of the iPhone being perfect in popular mindshare.

People that love the iPhone can still focus on this light just as people that don’t like it continue to look away, but now those who are looking up to make a smartphone decision can see a double rainbow of choice.

This double rainbow effect was produced by the latest Android devices being made available last week such as The Droid X, T-Mobile Vibrant & AT&T Captivate (mobile carrier variants of the Samsung Galaxy S).

The iPhone 4 may still be considered the best smartphone for some, but its not for all, as now people can see there are truely comparable choices based on their needs and not a purely lockstep best decision.

Android itself does NOT get better by attacking or demeaning the iPhone but by simply getting better faster – as any objective mobile observer can affirm it is in fact doing.

It is now difficult to debate any feature set advantage iOS has over Android while there is considerable weight of argument in iOS having a better overall user experience as well being easier & smoother without regard to diverse fragmentation.

As Android gets better faster, bridging this gap is the focus of its next update coming later in 2010, assumed to be Android 3.0 … perhaps representing the rarest of sights, a triple rainbow!

If you are wondering whats this double rainbow stuff, its in reference to the viral video thats becoming an Internet meme after Jimmy Kimmel tweeted about it on July 3rd, 2010 as seen below:

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