Google Android Tablet Vs the iPad

by Michael Martin on April 19, 2010 · 3 comments

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android tablet vs ipad

At the Internet Marketing conference PubCon Dallas last week I was able to compare the iPad to the Google Android tablet I received to review from Camangi first hand.

What I was first surprised about was how much heavier the iPad was especially in comparison to the Camangi Webstation as it weighed almost twice as much with the iPad weighing in at 1.5 pounds and the Android tablet at under 14 ounces.

The iPad excelled in speed, graphics and touchscreen responsiveness well beyond the Webstation from Camangi as well twice the battery longevity.

I did a hands on Camangi Webstation review a week prior to going to PubCon Dallas as I just saw little actual use for it other than a digital picture frame.

I decided to give it a full real world test by using it at the conference in lieu of my laptop & even my XPERIA X10 Android phone.

First what really separated the Android tablet from the iPad was that the smaller size allowed it to perfectly fit into my back pocket so I didn’t need to carry it either in my hand or in a backpack/carrying case.

Next was the discovery it included a stylus pen which made the Webstation dramatically more responsive.

The review unit I received didn’t have the updated manual mentioning the stylus pen addition nor was it updated yet online until I wondered what this indented pullout was at the bottom of the machine after my initial review.

I got more comments at PubCon asking what this tablet was than the few people that actually had iPads, even some of those mentioned thoughts of returning their iPads.

I thought the Android tablet did very well when it came to checking email, taking notes, basic browsing and using Twitter via Twidroid which is all I really needed at the conference.

Better Android tablets are coming out from Norton Ink, Archos, Dell, HTC & possibly Google itself while the Camangi Webstation can be considered a short term Android tablet fix that you may consider.

PubCon Dallas itself was excellent with all the people attending & well coordinated sessions by Brett Tabke, Joe Laratro, Joseph Morin, Jeff Russell & Vanessa Zamora as I look forward to the main PubCon in Vegas at the end of the year.

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