HTC Evo 4G Android Phone Battery is Actually Good

by Michael Martin on June 1, 2010 · 1 comment

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I along with about 5000 others received the HTC Evo 4G Android phone at Google I/O 2010 in May before its official launch on Friday June 4th from Sprint.

There has been several reviews of the Evo including TechCrunch so I won’t belabor & echo what was already done.

One thing they all generally knock is the battery life of the HTC Evo 4G which conversely from my testing is actually THE best of ANY Android phone that I have used with light use.

All my other Android phones with GPS & WiFi turned off, even with a full charge and no active use, barely lasts a day while the Evo has lasted for over 3 days with still half its battery life.

The battery is 3.7 V & 1500 mAh which actually has 23% more capacity than the iPhone 3GS, 15% more than the Droid Incredible and 7% more than the Nexus One.

The best Android phone for battery life previously for me was the Google Ion, a variant of the myTouch 3G, from Google I/O 2009 that could last almost 2 days with light use.

The entire Google Ion on the left basically fits within the massive 4.3 inch screen of the Evo in the center, which was also surprisingly light for its size, lighter than the first Android phone, the G1, on the right.

The Sprint network itself worked very well from my home as it got a signal where T-Mobile often encountered dead spots.

I am not using 4G since its not available here in San Diego, which with WiMAX use is supposed be a true hog of battery life, but I will try it when I am at SMX Advanced in Seattle, a 4G city, next week.

Overall I liked the Evo, but agree its not the best Android phone available unless you need the largest screen real estate to watch video & are or thinking of being a Sprint customer.

The Nexus One with Android 2.2 Froyo is better while I also personally prefer to keep the Sony Xperia X10 as my main Android phone.

You can buy the phone from Sprint as of Friday June 4th or preorder now from the manufacturer, HTC, picking up where Google left off with the direct selling of the Nexus One for as little as $199.99 based on a contract agreement.

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