iPhone 4 Launches While Android Advances

by Michael Martin on June 24, 2010 · 0 comments

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Today the iPhone 4 officially launches as its a beautiful device that will undoubtedly continue to sell well to the masses in large part due to its mindshare all the while Android continues to advance not just technologically but in choice and options.

The iPhone 4 didn’t offer much in surprises beyond the gyroscope and its “retina display” as its feature set predominantly comes out as a catch up to what Android devices already had: front facing camera, multi microphones for noise cancellation, improved camera, HD video, folders, wallpapers, but only limited multitasking.

This is all about “the now” as those enamored with the iPhone have to wait until next year for any advancements while Android continually improves daily since its embraced by multiple partners instead of just one company, one network (in the US), & one yearly option all essentially stemming from one person.

Back at Google I/O in May I spoke with Abby Johnson of WebProNews on the new Android advancements just after Matt Cutts did his interview as over lunch he declared that he has completely ditched the iPhone by giving it to his grandmother months ago for his Nexus One.

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In the WebProNews interview I segwayed too quickly out of the Android 2.2 Froyo updates by only mentioning the ability to run applications off the SD card (which was something the Android community has been waiting for since the G1) as if that was all it did.

Froyo is an extremely important Android update for so much more as it provides deeper advantages over the iPhone all the while helping bridge the remaining technical gaps that the iPhone does have the advantage: speed and UI.

Android 2.2 Froyo features also include:

  • Software speed improvement of at LEAST double the performance of any previous Android version software on any device.
  • WiFi hotspot for up to 8 devices.
  • Deeper business support with Exchange admin & security enhancements.
  • Deeper Bluetooth support for voice dialing, docking, & contact sharing.
  • Browser speed enhanced by a V8 engine.
  • Deeper multilingual support.

This addresses beyond any speed and performance issues relative to the iPhone 4 while only making some headway to the UI advantage the iPhone clings to, but that should be fully addressed in the 3.0 update, Gingerbread, scheduled for later this year.

In the interview I spoke of one of the proposed features of Android 3.o Gingerbread being that it becomes a sort of on the fly language translator for conversations while not mentioning that it will also include serious UI enhancements to go beyond the iPhone especially with WebOS UI head Matias Duarte joining the Android team.

In the end why I support Android is that it gives me the freedom of choice if I don’t like a particular Android device or mobile network to then choose the one thats best for me rather than waiting in a bread line for the one phone determined for me this year.

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