How Can the iPhone 4 be Magical & Revolutionary at WWDC Vs Android?

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On Monday June 7th Steve Jobs will take the stage at Apple’s developer conference WWDC at the same location Google I/O 2010 was nearly 3 weeks before.

Google I/O showcased the progress of Android as well where its going, especially in comparison to its evolution beyond many of the constraints of the iPhone, some being self imposed.

I will be in the air flying to Seattle for SMX Advanced when Steve Jobs will be introducing the next iPhone at 11am PST, but what can he spin for it to uncomically be “magical” & “revolutionary” over what Android is now as well what its becoming?

The first iPhone lived up to the magical and revolutionary moniker as it opened a true smartphone for the masses as the Apple II did for computers, but like the Apple II, its closed system falls behind the curve to an open distribution & multi vendor platform.

Case in point, a lot of the features of the upcoming iPhone 4 are already in an Android phone, the HTC Evo 4G, which is publicly released today on June 4th approximately a month before the next iPhone debuts, with its front facing camera for video conferencing, an HD recording camera in the back, & noise cancellation microphones.

On top of that the Evo actually has 4G, a WiFi tethering hub, true multitasking, and most importantly Android which the upcoming iPhone still won’t have.

The iPhone does have a nearly idiot proof and intuitive UI which provides an edge in usability to Android but at the expense of feature set progress & user customization.

***idiot proof meaning that Apple makes sure its so simple a tech neophyte should figure it out and has protections in place from the user unknowingly hampering the phones operations, but constrains modification, features, & openness***

So what’s left that can be considered magical and or revolutionary for the iPhone 4 at WWDC?

Below is my list with my personal percentage of happening & gauge of magical & revolutionary value

  • iPhone Launch on Verizon – 10% chance of happening as Verizon stated it won’t happen in the immediate future & forces its logo on all devices which the Apple ego won’t give in to – revolutionary no but magical for users
  • Touch Sensitive Back – 20% chance of happening – This would be the closest thing to both magical and revolutionary Apple can do with the iPhone, in my opinion
  • Printing Support – 30% chance of happening – a bit revolutionary & magical
  • Bing default search over Google – 50% chance of happening or at least as an option – revolutionary no but magical for a Microsoft Apple cohesion
  • Cloud Options – 60% chance of happening – revolutionary no but magical for users but still behind on what Android can and will be doing more of in the future
  • Tethering Option – 70% chance of happening – not revolutionary or magical as Android can do it now for almost 2 years
  • Run Multiple Applications – 80% chance of happening but with only a limited basis – not revolutionary or magical as still behind Android
  • Longer Battery Life – 90% chance of happening – Looks like there will be a larger battery as well DECREASING the screen size – revolutionary for users but not magical in its sacrifice to get it
  • Faster Processing – 90% chance of happening – I am curious how much faster this will be compared to the dual mobile processors for Android – revolutionary no and slightly magical
  • Video Conferencing – 99% chance of happening – This will be the most touted feature – revolutionary no as HTC Evo 4G Android phone doing that NOW but users will find magical

In the end it will be an improvement on the iPhone 3GS, but if its just what Gizmodo reported & released in iPhone OS 4.0 then its nothing to be considered magical or revolutionary, unless if comes out with a surprise hardware feature such as a touch sensitive back.

Then how many months before one of the multiple Android manufacturers tops that while the iPhone has to wait a whole year from its one benefactor to catch up.

I will know what the iPhone 4 is all about when I land in Seattle Monday afternoon and see if people are still stuck in the clouds viewing it as magical & revolutionary or awake to an Android future.

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