Mobile Applications Are Fools Gold for Many

by Michael Martin on August 10, 2010 · 2 comments

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mobile apps fools gold

Mobile applications have been oft heralded as a new Gold Rush which for many it will be ultimately realized as fools gold.

ABI Research recently released that revenues from mobile app sales have continued their decline from the high competition leading to a “race to the bottom” as making money will become increasingly difficult  in a market that is expected to peak in 2011.

I see many similarities with the Gold Rush a 150 years ago to this rush today into smartphone applications that are ironically based on software stemming from companies located in the same general San Francisco area (Apple & Google).

Both rushes came about after early discovers attained what was viewed as easy riches, such as was made in mobile with flatulence and addictive gaming applications.

Then, as it is now, the knee jerk reaction was to rush in without any real strategy or experience since its seemingly just there for the taking.

The reality is mobile application development for the iPhone/iPad has total costs on average of $20,000 (Android is slightly less) then add in maintenance costs as well conversion costs to other mobile platforms.

When those Gold Rush miners looked at all the total costs most ended up losing money as is the case today with most mobile applications & the developers who make them.

It was the Gold Rush merchants providing services to the miners that ended up making far more money than the prospectors themselves, as is being repeated again in mobile today.

So become a mobile merchant by  getting ahead in mobile search with the preparation guidelines I provided for Raven Tools.

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