Mobile Touch Friendly Web Growing Faster than the App Store

by Michael Martin on May 13, 2010 · 0 comments

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mobile touch friendly web

Often neglected are websites that are not only mobile friendly but also finger friendly which Taptu reports in April 2010 that the Mobile Touch Web itself is growing faster than the Apple App Store.

Taptu claims to scan nearly 120 million domains per month & test for mobile touch screen-friendliness.

Taptu’s April 2010 report states that there are over 440,000 mobile touch friendly websites from approximately 326,000 at the end of 2009.

Thus the mobile touch web is growing 35% a quarter or annually at over 230% which is more than the App Store annual growth of 144% but less than the Android Market at 403%.

This revelation led Taptu to almost double its earlier projection to now state there will be over a million touch friendly mobile websites by the end of 2010.

Combine this with Gartner Research predicting that there will be over 362 million touch screen mobile devices worldwide by 2011 compared to just over 184 million in 2009 & you can visualize another spectrum for mobile marketing beyond SMS/MMS & mobile applications.

Taptu calls this the “second wave of content for touch screen devices” as it goes beyond just creating a mobile friendly website but one that is mobile device finger friendly.

Shopping & Services sites encompass about a quarter of all sites embracing this mobile website touch approach in order to broaden their reach while also removing the costs of developing an app for each type of mobile device.

Major sites referenced adhering to this include Disney, Target, Yellow Pages, Kelley Blue Book, Siemens, Ikea, Best Buy, Time, Maxim, Mashable, CBS Sports, plus

I went over the basics of how to setup a mobile website at the Search Engine Journal as well how to start with mobile advertising at Search Engine Land which I will expand on here at Mobile Martin including how to become a member of the growing Mobile Touch Web.

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