Sony XPERIA X10 Android Phone UI UX & Application Review

by Michael Martin on April 9, 2010 · 0 comments

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sony xperia x10 ux android ui

Its now been a week of using the Sony XPERIA X10 as my main phone so I wanted to finalize my previous reviews on its differentiators from other Android phones.

The main differentiator is the Sony Android UI called UX which provides a stylish blue wavey feel on top of the stock Android interface.

The predominate apps within the UX UI are Timescape & Mediascape.

Timescape provides the stacked tiles of your selected Splines which could include your music, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, call log, text messaging, email, & pictures – its nice visual candy but doesn’t provide any usefulness in my opinion.

Mediascape controls your music, videos, & photos in one place which I thought was a vast improvement to what the stock Android normally provides – this is where the Sony UX UI for Android really excels.

Sony also provides its own syncing service which can be used in tandem or in lieu of Google sync (while there is the option to use neither) – I personally preferred to continue using the Google sync.

Other applications provided were various Moxier apps for Microsoft Exchange support such as for the Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Sync, & Tasks.

An OfficeSuite file manager app & TrackID music recognition service was provided as well a Quadrapop game that is a sort of a Sony Tetris.

This phone reveals its European audience with applications such as PlayNow, which doesn’t work in the US, & WisePilot, which is like a Google Navigator for Europe.

Another differentiator is the 8.1 MegaPixel camera & video recording with flash which is the most powerful any Android phone currently on the market.

The pictures were crisp and clear which looks even better on the large high resolution 4 inch screen.

In summation, this phone would have been a no brainer at a reasonable cost when it was supposed to come out in late 2009, but in mid 2010 its comparable to the Nexus One especially once it get the 2.X Android update.

I would recommend this phone if its heavily subsidized by the carrier within the price range of the Nexus One as opposed to the $1000 price tag as offered on EBay currently.

For now I am happy to have the Sony XPERIA X10 as my primary Android phone while understanding with their delays that better Android phones are coming out in short order such as the HTC Evo 4G & Samsung Galaxy S.

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